A Look at the Kansas City Stock ($KC)

Let’s be very clear here. It’s all upside with this team.

Okay, here we go.

The Chiefs have ascended to the top of the NFL since giving Mahomes the key to the Kingdom( yup, starting early..). The ascension culminated in the 2019-2020 SB win. 

During the off-season the Chiefs managed to re-sign key players, have an incredible draft AND lockdown this generations best QB for the next 10 years. 

It helps that they have locked down Mahomes and Frank Clark to 100mil contracts, both long term deals, Mahomes until 2032 and Clark until 2024. 

The entire outlook of this stock for the next 2-5 years boils down to the flexibility of the Mahomes contract. 

The Chiefs do have a number of important players coming off contract in the next two years: Sorenson, Watkins, Breeland, Niemann, Ward, Osemele, Hamilton, Bell, Charlton, Watts, Nnadi, Williams, Schwartz, and O’Daniel. 4/5 starting OL are in this list as well.

This should come as a red flag to some, but the Mahomes deal is set up so well that it allows money to be moved to Mahomes’ bonus/year which can free up money the Chiefs need to re-sign players. The Chiefs and Mahomes did an incredible job creating a contract that pays what Patrick want, but allows the flexibility the Chiefs need to continue to put the right players around their franchise quarterback.

The Chiefs continue to be the class of the AFC and the AFC West. The only thing I could see happening are the Chiefs moving off of Kelce’s contract. While Travis is the best tight end in the league, at this moment, he is 31 and on a $57,000,000 contract until 2026. His production is still strong, but in today’s NFL this is the kind of contract and age combination that will get you traded.

Buy and hold $KC, the stock will continue to rise and the weekly payout % is quite favorable for the next 5 years.

Patrick Mahomes 10 Year Contract Breakdown

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