Seven Trades That Should Have Been Made at the NFL Trade Deadline

Seven Trades That Should Have Been Made at the NFL Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline is each team’s last chance to improve their roster and enhance their chances of going on a deep playoff run. With the deadline being two weeks away, we should expect to see some moves. Here are seven trades that would make sense for both teams involved

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Sam Darnold to the Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts receive: Sam Darnold

New York Jets receive: 2021 2nd round pick

Being that they are the only team in the league that’s yet to win a game, the Jets are undeniably the worst team in football. The team will likely get the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft and have the chance to take Trevor Lawrence, who many believe is the best quarterback prospect we’ve seen in almost a decade. This is Darnold’s 3rd season in the league and he’s yet to prove he can be a franchise quarterback which would make it tempting for the Jets to move on from the former USC Trojan and draft Lawrence.

Darnold hasn’t proven that he can consistently be a good quarterback in the NFL. However, his circumstances have been very rough. Since entering the league, Darnold has only played with poor offensive lines and subpar receiving cores while being surrounded by questionable coaching staffs. The Colts will need a quarterback after Philp Rivers retires in one or two years, and Darnold could be their next successful single caller since he would be surrounded by better players.

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JJ Watt to the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks receive: JJ Watt

Houston Texans receive: 2021 3rd and 5th round pick

Despite being 5-0, the Seahawks have struggled defensively and could use someone who can rush the passer. At 1-5, the Texans are likely out of the playoff mix and should consider trading some of their older players to acquire draft picks which would help the team in the future.

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Blockbuster QB swap

Atlanta Falcons receive: Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers receive: Matt Ryan

Recently, Falcons owner Arthur Blank refused to commit to Matt Ryan as the team’s quarterback of the future. Bringing in Garoppolo would give the team a younger quarterback that just appeared in the Super Bowl.

Why would the 49ers trade Garoppolo for a 35-year-old Matt Ryan? Remember, San Francisco considered going after a 43-year-old Tom Brady this past offseason. Additionally, Matt Ryan had a historically good MVP season when Kyle Shanahan was his offensive coordinator in Atlanta. The two of them would be reunited in San Francisco. Could Garopplo’s early-season struggles result in the 49ers trading him?

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Adrian Peterson to the New York Giants

Giants receive: Adrian Peterson

Lions receive: 2021 7th round pick

Despite being 1-5, the Giants are still in the playoff hunt because of how bad the rest of the NFC East has been this season. After losing Saquon Barkley for the season, the team could use another running back.

The Lions would be wise to trade Adrian Peterson because that would allow Deandre Swift and Kerryon Johnson to get more touches. Swift and Johnson are younger and more versatile than the 35-year-old Peterson.

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Jamison Crowder to the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers receive: Jamison Crowder

New York Jets receive: 2021 3rd round draft pick

At 0-6, the Jets should forget about contending this season and try to stockpile draft picks. The Jets would be able to get a decent return for Crowder, who ranks top 20 in the league in total receiving yards. Outside of Devante Adams, the Packers don’t have many reliable receivers. Green Bay acquiring Crowder would be reminiscent of the 49ers trading for Emmanuel  Sanders last season, who helped the team reach the Super Bowl.

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Jameis Winston to the Cowboys

Cowboys receive: Jameis Winston

New Orleans Saints receive: 2021 2nd round pick

If the Cowboys quickly realize that Andy Dalton isn’t a reliable solution at quarterback, then they could look to upgrade the position. The Cowboys have too much talent on the offensive side of the ball to just be content with forfeiting the rest of the season because of Dak Prescott’s injury. Jameis Winston, who led the league in yards last season and finished 2nd in touchdowns, could thrive in the Cowboys offense.

Winston is currently the Saints backup quarterback, but the team reportedly believes that Taysom Hill has the ability to one day replace Drew Brees. If the team truly feels that way, there’s no reason to keep Winston around.

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Ryan Kerrigan to the Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders receive: Ryan Kerrigan

Washington Football Team receives: 2021 3rd round pick

Kerrigan will be a free agent after this season and it is unclear if he is interested in remaining in Washington. On the other hand, the Raiders are looking to make a playoff push and acquiring a proven pass rusher would certainly help.

These seven trades would be very interesting and could potentially change how the rest of this season could play out. Your team deciding what, or what not to do before the trade deadline could make a huge difference to the Super Bowl aspirations.

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