How We Got Here: FTR and Young Bucks in the Dream Tag Match of the Century

It’s easy to forget how much we’ve wanted this. How many people have dreamed of this. How many times it has been brought up to the four individuals that are going to finally fight in AEW against one another for a tag team belt both are putting over as the best tag team belt in the world. And it’s hard to argue that it is the best belt in the world, but when you have the best tag team division in the world, it’s fitting to think the ones who have the belts are the most important tag team in the world.

Look, all I’m trying to get at is FTR vs. Young Bucks could never live up to the hype of what we have built in our heads for years and years at this point. But I will argue that it will have tremendous consequences going forward for AEW, finally giving us the first match of what I will only hope be a series of matches.

The Young Bucks so far have just been plain rude to people. Superkicking everything in sight that moves, breaking expensive objects with malicious intent, ignoring their friend’s request to second him in a match… They have just been some kind of assholes that we’re not used to or haven’t been used to in a long time. Matt and Nick have done what they had to do to get another shot at the titles, and lo and behold, FTR just happen to have them. It wouldn’t have particularly mattered who had them – The Young Bucks are always coming for the gold.

But FTR and the Bucks haven’t played the massive history of everything, mostly peppering in the fact they are the best tag teams in the world according to most and that their moment of clarity so far has been featured on a podcast in which FTR finally admitted they asked for their release two years ago so they could finally be available to do this match and other matches like it with many other tag teams. We know how that story plays out. FTR have shown up and slowly descended into holier-than-thou heathens with rules and backstabbing and good heel work aplenty.

Matt’s injury to his leg is going to be played up all match Saturday night, and Nick will probably share the heaviest of loads of any wrestler on the card. FTR won’t have Tully at ringside, but I imagine they will have something up their sleeve to counter that. The playing field isn’t completely 50/50, but it’s pretty close, leaving the champion’s advantage firmly in their corner. I couldn’t imagine a DQ finish to a title match on AEW programming at this point, but it could possibly push this feud further if the Bucks were finally, completely healthy and there was a Tully in FTR’s corner at a later date with possibly no DQ’s.

I’m not very clear on what will happen post-match if either win, mainly due to the fact that one match would never do this rivalry any amount of right. If the Bucks win, they could finally have the tag belts they have always wanted – transcendent tag belts in a division they made and fostered above all others in a world in which they have had most of the other belts on their waists. If FTR win, they will have ended the Bucks’ long play of going for those belts. They would eliminate one of their toughest competitors and shift the landscape of a very deep division. However, they wouldn’t really be elevating themselves here, they’d be defeating a wounded Matt and a overpushed Nick in a match that had them doing it without their manager. It would feel cheap. It wouldn’t be a true finish. I would personally hate it if FTR won clean over the Bucks and the Bucks just left while FTR celebrated. Something about this match screams explosive.

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