How I fell in love with pro wrestling…

January 9th, 2006. It’s a bitterly cold Monday evening in St. Louis, Missouri and a young Kielan Jones was flipping the channels. My brother’s 30 min TV time was up, and the power was in my hands. I was flipping the channels manually for we had no idea where the remote could be in our 3 bed-bedroom that would soon become our very own Madison Square Garden; and the channels sped along until my eyes were grabbed by a spectacle unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Monday Night Raw.

LIVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from Hershey, Pennsylvania, in my bedroom, I fell in love with professional wrestling. Wildly enough that first Monday Night Raw I saw, was the episode that featured Edge and Lita’s infamous “Live Sex Celebration”, of course the times have changed and that kind of segment wouldn’t fly in today’s world but that kind of over the top, insanaity grabbed my as a puberty ridden adolescent and I’ve been in the Mandible Claw ever since.

Why do I love it?

Well first and foremost I think it’s so amazing that these men and women sacrifice so much and literally risk life and limb to entertain us. Actors and athletes do too but the high-risk factor that comes into play with pro wrestling takes it to another level in my eyes. Big reason I love it, because you can feel that the performers, THEY love it and watching someone excel in something they love is just such a beautiful thing. That’s also why I never try to bash or hate on any pro wrestlers ever. If it’s not my cup of tea it’s not my cup of tea. But I won’t bash the performer that is spending countless hours away from their families, spent countless hours perfecting their craft and they put it all on the line! Now if the performer is problematic and or a racist then trust me, I will bash away. Everything that comes into making a wrestling match happen; the athleticism, the drama, the performance aspects. Wrestling is a true artform and the canvas is literally a canvas and masterpieces are made.

*DISCLAIMER* And like any art, it is entirely subjective (so please do not bash me for any of my future takes and opinions)

I love when people say, “wrestling is so fake” and I show them a clip of AJ Styles hitting a springboard 450 on Dean Ambrose through the table to the outside of the ring.

Yeah, how fake was that?

The final element of my love; THE FEEEEELLLLLLLS.

How did it make you feel? Did it make you feel? To me that’s why I really love wrestling. I’m naturally an emotional guy but man good wrestling storytelling, amazing wrestling moments, the stuff that hits you in the feels…That’s the stuff I LOVE. That wave of emotions we felt when Flair said goodbye. The belly laughs provided by the likes of R-Truth, DX and The Rock. The utter shock of the Punk’s Pipebomb. The pure elation when Kofi finally reached the mountain top. I could go on, and on, you know the deal.

So, what’s not to love?

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