Thanks for the Smiles, Kylie Rae

Today on her Patreon page, Kylie Rae formally announced that she is no longer a professional wrestler. She also stated she would be taking a hiatus from social media and that she was also unwell. Kylie Rae was one of the last pure babyfaces in the industry and losing her is a blow to wrestling.

However, her mental health should immediately come first.

Originally there was speculation over why she missed Bound for Glory last Saturday. Some thought it was COVID-19 related, others thought it was a similar case to AEW where she quietly asked to quit Impact Wrestling.

Her contributions to the business will not go unnoticed. She was one of the few competitors to seamlessly be able to be a serious competitor against any opponent, male or female.

Below are some of the highlights of her career and some must see matches. Also linked below are a list of mental health resources for anyone else that could be unwell. Talking to someone and knowing you aren’t alone can really help in a time of uncertainty and need.

Kylie Rae vs Mercedes Martinez- No Rope Submission Match for Phoenix of RISE Championship (RISE: LEGENDARY) 

My personal favorite match of Kylie’s. Passion. Grit. Determination. And the fact that she’s going toe to toe with one of the greatest performers in women’s wrestling history.

Here is the full match with commentary from Kylie and Kevin Harvey:

Kylie Rae vs Gary Jay (St Louis Anarchy Ladies Night 2019)

In what was a last minute change up to the all women’s show, this charismatic main event is a great showing by both competitors. The crowd is hot, both wrestlers have fun interactions, and the action is fierce. 

Full match:

Kylie Rae vs Rok-C (New Texas Pro Wrestling)

A passing of the torch for the Texas women’s scene. Kylie Rae found a second home at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in Houston, as did the young prodigy Rok-C.

In what was one of Kylie’s last matches in Texas before fully joining the Impact Wrestling roster, we saw a contest that showed her experience and ability to adapt her game against a newer opponent.

Full match:

Help for Mental Illness:

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