Anderson Silva’s Great and Confusing UFC Career is Over

Anderson Silva’s UFC career has come to an end. After being knocked out in the 4th round by opponent Uriah Hall it was definitive end to one of the greatest and controversial careers in MMA.

It felt like Silva was going to end his career in an uneventful striking exchange with Uriah Hall. What Silva was showing in the first two rounds was usual Anderson Silva and gave Silva fans and people false hope that Silva would come out on top.

Though the skittish Hall looked star-struck against the guy that he idolized, he showed his flashes of brilliance in the 3rd round knocking Silva down near the end of the round. In the 4th round is where Hall put on the finishing touches. This fight showed that it was time for Anderson Silva to hang up.

There is a camp that remembers Anderson Silva as the G.O.A.T of Mixed Martial Arts. The man who wowed you as he made opponents look foolish using matrix-like movements to make opponents miss and his showboating that made him a fun watch. Anderson Silva was just amazing in the cage.

Though for all the great and good Anderson did in the cage, there was still controversy. Silva’s counter striking style would lead to unexciting fights with opponents. Silva would often fight down to the level of his competition not putting on the best performances against opponents he deemed unworthy. The worst of all the controversy was the PED use.

Before USADA came in there was always concern about who was juicing and who was not in MMA. Nick Diaz would go on tirades about fighters that were on steroids. Some of Anderson’s top opponents such as Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort would use testosterone replacement therapy to look like young men again. Anderson’s biggest rival, Chael Sonnen, was busted for a performance enhancer in their first fight. Anderson didn’t look like someone who would use performer enhancers at all.

The odd-shaped Silva didn’t fit the body of a Mixed Martial Artist. Anderson had a “dadbod.” He would talk about his love for eating McDonald’s and Burger King after training sessions. So, thinking that Silva would be on a performance enhancing drug was crazy.

Sadly, after a lackluster battle with Nick Diaz Anderson Silva failed a drug test. It was something that many fans have said has hurt his legacy and since then the mythical Anderson Silva everyone knew and loved seemed to vanish. Silva was bunched in with his opponents as another cheater in Mixed Martial Arts.

All of this talk didn’t stop Anderson Silva from wanting to compete with the best in the business. He wanted to prove he was still a top fighter and get back what was his. Sadly, Silva would never get another crack at the middleweight title. Whether it was losing razor close decisions or contract disputes with the UFC it felt like Anderson Silva was just a name to help boost a card in his later career than being the headline Superstar he once was.

Anderson’s ending is one that is sort of fitting for his confusing career. Fighting in an empty arena in a fight that was lackluster looking like it was time to let go. It seemed like the best end for the Spider’s UFC Career.

Here is hopes he doesn’t go to Bellator.

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