Teddy’s 3 and Out: NFL Week 7

We have somehow made it through 7 weeks of the NFL regular season now and we are down to one unbeaten team in the Pittsburgh Steelers who happen to play divisional rival Baltimore in Week 8. Overall, I feel like we had a solid week of football, so let’s get into my 3 takeaways.

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The Pissed-Off Tour Continues

This year I think there are two QBs that are doing their best Michael Jordan impressions from his documentary that released this summer. If you missed it, MJ would always find something to take personal about his opponents and he would then whoop their asses being driven by the
personal vendetta. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are living that mantra right now.

All summer Tom Brady was referred to as a systems quarterback benefitting from playing under one of the greatest coaches of all time. Everyone said that Tom Brady wouldn’t succeed elsewhere and that Bill “The Thrill” Belichick would be able to bring anyone in and make it
work. Two things here.

A) Tom Brady is playing pissed off and the ‘Tom’pa Bay Buccaneers are
5-2 sitting on top of the NFC South

B) Any old QB can’t replace Tom Brady and that
became more apparent than ever in Week 7.

I’ll get more to the way Tom Brady is succeeding in Tampa for my third point, but for now, Brady is showing that he’s just a damn good quarterback that aided in making a system great.

Aaron Rodgers is being looked over. I know that is a weird statement, but when the Packers refused to take a much needed WR with their first pick and drafted a QB, Rodgers took that ish personally. Since then, other than an uncharacteristic game against the Buccaneers, Rodgers has been playing super pissed off and is having his way with teams. He lost in Week 6, but in Week 7, he came out firing on all cylinders and basically took the second half of the game off.

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Sunday Night Football Beats Thursday Night Football Yet Again

How does this happen every year and every week almost without fail? I swear someone that invented time travel in the future comes back every season to make sure that the worst matchups of the week are played on Thursday night and the best are reserved for Sunday Night primetime.

This past Thursday we witnessed a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants who I ran through with criticism last week. Guess what? Game was bad, but score was close. Sounds like a 2020 NFC East Matchup to me. The big story from this one was that the Eagles are battered and bruised and that spooky season struck when Daniel Jones got tackled by a ghost.

Sunday night was a different story. It was supposed to be the Raiders and the Buccs, but that got moved to be a Sunday afternoon Slugfest, while the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals shined in the Sunday Spotlight. What. A. Game. Russell Wilson adds to his MVP campaign,
Tyler Lockett had like 200 yards and three TDs, DK Metcalf proved he has super powers chasing down and stopping a would-be pick-6, Kyler Murray showed he’s the second coming off Russell Wilson, it went to OT, and it ended on a field goal made by a kicker who had missed one earlier in OT. This game had so much of everything that the next time Stefon breaks down nightlife on a segment of Saturday Night Live, he is going to include this game.

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Hydra Offenses

I came up with this term on our Shooting The Sports Ish NFL Recap podcast this week. Do you remember the animated version of Hercules Remember that scene that probably gave you nightmares where he faced the dragon looking monster that when he cut off one head, two more grew in its place? That’s what I am picturing when it comes to a Hydra offense. If you look at this season so far, I think that the Chiefs, Steelers, and Buccaneers have effectively put together a Hydra offense. If you stop one piece of it, the others pick up the slack and carry the load.

Patrick Mahomes is already off to an unbelievable start to his career, and with his new contract, looks to be a Chief for a long time. The Chiefs started the season with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman carrying over from their Super Bowl winning offensive
roster. They added RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the draft and they just signed Le’Veon Bell. This offense can hurt you from so many different angles and it is impossible to truly game plan for this team. I think the Raiders played about their perfect game while the Chiefs played their
worst which accounted for their lone loss of the season so far. If that’s the worst this team can look, they are going to go deep into the playoffs and be tough to beat.

I know I can be biased with this one, but this Hydra offense is almost an island of misfit toys. Big Ben is back telling Father Time to shove it, James Conner has found his talent in his contract here, JuJu is a TikTok star but can still deliver like we saw last week, Diontae Johnson is the real deal, and rookie Chase Claypool was superman for two weeks. This offense truly captures what it means to pick up the slack. Somehow, each week this season they have had a different guy step up and perform when needed. Whether it was Claypool’s 4 TDs, Diontae’s 2, or Conner’s solid
running, this team is finding ways to win. Combine that with a good-great defense and a veteran, creative head coach, and like I have said before it has playoff success written all over it.

Do you want to know how good this Buccaneers offense is? Last week I gushed over Ronald Jones and admitted I was wrong about him. You know what he did this week? Not a dang thing. Neither did Mike Evans. You know who was the offense of the Buccs this week? Some skinny
white dude named Julia-wait no not him, Scotty Miller. They had Godwin back for a game and he contributed, but he is out this coming week at least with a new injury. Also, Gronk had another TD so that makes back to-back scoring weeks for him. Again, when one part of their offense is failing, another one is stepping up and is still making them dominant. Oh, and don’t forget. They just signed Antonio Brown and he will be active Week 9 barring any AB-esque setbacks.

Well, that wraps up this week’s 3 and Out. If you want to check out more of my thoughts, check out my show here on Shooting the Sports Ish linked in the video below or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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