Monday Night Raw Recap: October 26, 2020

Drew McIntyre Promo

Drew McIntyre opened the show talking about his lost at Hell in a Cell. He mentioned how he is able to get knocked down and get right back up. He took responsibility for his loss.

During this The Miz and John Morrison came out talking about being able to get the Money in the Bank briefcase from Otis at Hell in the Cell. Drew already peeved, told them to watch what they say. However, The Miz said all things had to come to an end even if Drew’s title reign was impressive. The Miz said he would beat Randy again as he did before, but during this Drew head butted The Miz. Before he could do anything to John, they were able to escape Drew. Drew called them idiots and promised that he would make sure they would have a bad night.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Winner: AJ Styles

Before the match, AJ Styles entered the ring accompanied by his bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin. AJ gave a promo saying that he shouldn’t have to even qualify for a spot on Team Raw for Survivor Series considering that he already won all his matches since being on Raw.

Jeff Hardy came out and was able to get the edge early on. There was some good back and forth, but as Jeff was getting ready to jump from the middle turnbuckle, Jordan caught Jeff midair and then it went on commercial break.

When it came back from commercial AJ, hot a brain buster which Jeff kicked out from. Jeff hit a pendulum dropkick and went for a pin, but was unsuccessful.

There was some more back and forth, but after AJ hit a power bomb, Jeff was able to get in a suplex face buster. However, his hesitation allowed for AJ to get his momentum back. AJ did a Phenomenal Foreman and won by pin. Afterwards, Elias hit Jeff with a guitar as payback for last week.

Lucha House Party vs. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa

Winner: Lucha House Party

This was a quick match. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa teamed up to fight against Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik of Lucha House Party.

Akira started off the match with Lince started by giving him a very stiff right hand. He then did a double tag move with Drew. Lince was able to hit a face buster.

During this R-Truth came out looking for Little Jimmy which Akira took as a cue to pin him. R-Truth kicked out and threw Akira into a barricade. Instead of the match ending, all it did was create chaos with all of them and R Truth. While this went on, Lince was able to pin Drew to win the match. However, after the match many tried to pin R-Truth to get the 24/7 title, but none were successful as R-Truth was able to get away.

Elias vs. Keith Lee

Winner: Keith Lee

Elias came out first talking about his new album which dropped and that it was number 2 in streaming and he wanted to make it number one. During this promo, Keith Lee came out.

As soon as Keith got in the ring, he showed Elias his dominance including using a running crossbody to Elias. Keith also sent Elias through the announcer’s table before a commercial break.  

Back from the commercial break, Keith had Elias in an armbar. Elias was able to counter his move with a power bomb and a hurricanrana to my surprise. He also was able to use a knee to Keith’s face.

Jeff Hardy’s music started to play and while Elias was on the top rope seemingly looking for Jeff to show up, Keith hit a Spirit Bomb to win his place on Team Raw for Survivor Series. Afterwards, Jeff came out and hit Elias with a guitar in the back.


The Hurt Business vs. Retribution (Elimination Match)

Winner: The Hurt Business

Before the match MVP and Bobbly Lashley said they asked the management of WWE to have this match since none of the other stars wanted to deal with Retribution. During that Retribution came out and the match started.

First in the ring was Bobby and T-Bar. There was some good back and forth and then Bobby tagged MVP in. That is when the tide turned. T-Bar got the upper hand and tagged in Mace. Slapjack got involved and it then looked like MVP was once again in control. During this Reckoning aka Mia Yim pretended as if something was wrong with her and allowed for Slap jack to eliminate MVP. After that the referee banned Reckoning from ringside.

Bobby was back in and quickly eliminated Slapjack with a spear. Bobby and T-Bar once again fought leading them to do so out of the ring which made them both get counted out by the referee.  

Mace was in then and he had the upper hand as he went against Cedric Alexander. Mustafa Ali was on the apron telling Mace what to do. Cedric tagged in Shelton Benjamin and Shelton was able to eliminate Mace with a Paydirt. Cedric and Shelton was able to take turns against Mustafa and they dominated. However, Mustafa used a chair against Cedric and got disqualified.

The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

Winner: Drew McIntyre

This was another quick match. Early on, John Morrison tried to distract Drew McIntyre, but Drew was still able to get off chest chops and some stomps to The Miz. The Miz tried to go for Drew’s bad knee, but Drew kept coming.

The Miz was able to get some offense in, but that was short lived as Drew threw him around the ring with ease with a bunch of belly to belly suplexes. He then went to John and knocked him out as well. Drew then went back to the ring and hit a Claymore and pinned The Miz to win the match.                      

Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans vs. Lana vs. Peyton Royce

Winner: Lana

Before the match Adam Pearce said that the RAW women’s survivor series team would have Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. The 5th person was the winner of this next Fatal 4 Way Match between Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, Lana and Peyton Royce.

This match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at first and there was enough time to let every woman once again showcase their move sets. At some point during the match, Lana took advantage of the fact that Lacey Evans was down and got the win with a pin. She was now the 5th member of the Survivor Series team for the women of Raw. Nia Jax looked like she was going to hug Lana to welcome her to the team, but as the previous weeks before, Nia slammed Lana once again through a table.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

Right away there was a lock up between the two when the match started. Matt Riddle was able to take Sheamus down with a double leg takedown. Sheamus rolled out of the ring and then came back in to take down Matt followed by using a modified kimura lock. Matt was able to counter his move with a gut-wrench suplex. Sheamus then used the Beats of the Bodhran before there was a commercial break.

After the break, it seemed Sheamus still had the upper hand in the match. There was some back and forth before Matt used an exploder suplex from the top rope, but was unsuccessful in getting the win.

There were some good offense from both men and more back and forth showcasing the skills of them both. However, Sheamus was able to do a Brogue Kick and won the match confirming his spot on Team Raw.

A Moment of Bliss

Before this segment, Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt talked about this interview with Randy Orton during an episode of the Firefly Fun House”. There was some quiet anger as it showed when Randy burned down Bray’s cabin.

During the show, Alexa asked simple questions, but Randy already knew Bray was close so he kept his guard up. Randy asked Alexa where Bray was, but all she did was smile. Drew McIntyre’s music came on and this started a brawl between him and Randy while Alexa laughed in the background. The lights turned off soon after and when it came back on, Alexa was nowhere to be found. Randy was on the ramp and Drew was alone in the ring. Drew while knowing The Fiend was behind him went back after Drew and the show ended

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