NFL Week 6 Recap: Teddy’s 3 and Out

We have somehow made it through 6 weeks of the NFL regular season albeit not without some tumultuous moments. We have seen Covid positives, postponed and rescheduled games, and we have seen America’s team shift from the Dallas Cowboys to whoever plays the Tennessee Titans. Here are three takeaways from week 6 and maybe even an idea of what to look forward to in the coming weeks.

So… The NFC East

2-4, 1-4-1, 1-5, and 1-5. The scary part? One of these teams is making the playoffs. The Cowboys sans Prescott played an ugly game against the Cardinals this week and we learned that if you can neutralize Elliot, Dalton is going to neutralize himself and his receivers.

The Eagles have hope because Carson Wentz had a good game and they only lost to the Ravens by 2 right?


The good news is that they do play the division rival Giants this week, but they are also going to be down their two best players. Miles Sanders got banged up on Sunday and isn’t expected to be ready for the game Thursday and Zach Ertz also got hurt and it’s looking like he will miss about 3-4 weeks.

The Washington Football Team let Kyle Allen throw the ball 42 times in their game and surprise, surprise it resulted in a loss. This team doesn’t really seem like it knows what it is doing and they can’t get any momentum going. Dwayne Haskins is on the trade block and they are trying to ship him out. Alex Smith made his remarkable return so that’s something positive, but he hasn’t been seen since. 

The Giants got on the board with a win against the previously mentioned Washington Football Team, but Daniel Jones was their leading rusher. That can’t inspire confidence going forward right? I will say Devonta Freeman has done well as a free agent signing and Slayton is playing well when he hasn’t been hurt.

This division has been a dumpster fire all around. A tweet went viral on Twitter on Tuesday because someone did the math and it is mathematically possible that the winner of this division goes into the playoffs with a 4-12 record. I want that statistic to sit with you for a second before going to the next section. Oooof.


Eating my Words: The Rojo Edition

Ronald Jones is that dude. Props to him because I don’t know that anyone was expecting this breakout from him, especially after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Leonard Fournette. The weapons on this team are set up for playoff success: Good-great defense, veteran QB surrounded by playmakers, and a creative coach putting it all together.

This team is working so well right now that the guy that is second in the league for receiving touchdowns (a fella named Mike Evans) was held to 1 catch for 10 yards. Hell, Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady was only 17/27 for 166 yards and 2 TDs (1 to Gronk and 1 to whoever Tyler Johnson is). 

Ronald Jones entered the chat and put the team on his back. 23 carries for 113 yards and 2 TDs which has him sitting at 5th in the league for rushing yards. This Buccaneers team didn’t even click on all cylinders and their game this week against the Green Bay Packers wasn’t even close. Keep an eye on this team in the coming weeks.

Tua Time

Dolphins fans rejoice. You made it through Week 6 and Ryan Fitzmagic got you to second in the AFC East only a game behind the Buffalo Bills. Adam Schefter reported midday Tuesday that coming out of their new Week 7 bye, it will be Tua time in Miami. We got out first glimpse of the rookie quarterback this week during garbage time and his stat line was an introductory 2-2 for 9 yards. His first opponent will be at home against the LA Rams so it will be a tough test for Tua early. Aaron Donald of that strong Rams front seven is going to look to introduce Tua to an NFL hit, but I’m sure fans everywhere will be keeping eyes on him as he makes that debut.

If you want more NFL Recaps check out this podcast breaking down the games. Look forward to the week 7 preview coming out later this week from Shootin The Sports Ish.

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