Daily Fantasy Deep Cuts: NFL Week 7 QB, RB and WR Sleepers

Believe it or not, we are already in Week 7 of the NFL and we’re nearing Week 1 of our soft launch here at Shooting the Sports Ish. We’ve been bringing you tons of content this week via audio and/or video podcasts and written pieces here on the site! As the head honcho around these parts, I hope you’re enjoying you’re stay. If you’re not, blame Thomas Fenton – my business partner.

Anyway, I’m here to discuss some Daily Fantasy Football for the site. We have a video and audio podcast for this as well, but I wanted to give you my perspective here with a link to Tom’s opinion at the bottom. Since Tom broke down the lineups already, I’m going to give you my Sleeper and Value Picks for this weekend as well as give you the lineup that I’ll be starting.

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The top of this list has been pretty inconsistent, but the prices have not been. Your top 5 players are all going to take up $7,000 of super valuable cap space which is less than ideal for a $50,000 cap. As a rule, I rarely use one of the top 5 QBs each week because I’d rather spend that cap on skill position players where the biggest salary-sucking players have a larger differential from the lower-tiered players than you’ll find at the quarterback position.

Sleeper: Cam Newton

Its a bit weird to consider Cam Newton a sleeper pick in fantasy football, but here we are. Despite average 24.2 fantasy points per game, Newton is just $6,300 this week. I’m considering him a sleeper because there isn’t a lot of conversation about what Newton has done this season. Last week he was horrible, sure, but he has been pretty good from a fantasy standpoint this season average 217.8 yards, 2 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 56 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. He has accounted for just 7 touchdowns, but has scored a rushing touchdown in every game he has played this season. Newton’s next opponent? The San Francisco 49ers who do not have either of their star defensive ends that can contain this man.

Look to Cam Newton as an option to start this weekend.

Value Pick: Baker Mayfield

I know, Mayfield has not been good or consistent this year despite the Browns being pretty good with a 4-2 start. Mayfield has potential to be a solid fantasy start depending on his matchup. At just $5,600 and with a great matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m going to consider Baker Mayfield as a starter this week. Yes, he has only averaged 13.6 fantasy points per game this year and was downright terrible against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. We have to remember, though, that the Steelers defense is incredibly legit and a poor performance against them should be expected for most players. In away games this year, Mayfield is averaging just 157.7 yards per game throwing 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. 2 of these 3 games came against Super Bowl Contenders Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Against the atrocious Dallas Cowboys, he recorded 165 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Against all other opponents, Mayfield is average 207.3 yards per game throwing 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Against these same Bengals during Week 2, he threw for 219 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. Mayfield could get you between 16 and 20 points this weekend with an opportunity to load up on super productive wide receivers and running backs.


The Dallas Cowboys are awful. Kyle Allen is awful. Kyle Allen threw 42 times last week for 280 yards and 2 touchdowns against the New York Giants. Kyle Allen is going to throw for a lot of yards against the Dallas Cowboys and probably 2 or 3 touchdowns because that defense couldn’t stop me from scoring a touchdown on them. He is only $5,200 this week. I’m serious, he’s worth a look.

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Running Backs

Unfortunately, there are not really a lot of great players to consider Sleepers or Value Picks this week, but I’ll give you two names that qualify as both.

Sleeper/Value: Adrian Peterson

At just $4,600, Adrian Peterson hasn’t been incredible this year. He has only scored 2 touchdowns and averages just 57 yards per game, but the Atlanta Falcons defense makes you really consider whether or not every skill position player they’re facing is worth a start. If the Falcons return to form and refuse to stop anyone, Matthew Stafford and the Lions should be able to build a decent sized lead and bleed out the clock. Enter Adrian Peterson bringing you that 10.1 fantasy points per game average that could be slightly inflated with a touchdown and garbage time yardage.

Sleeper/Value: D’Andre Swift

Yes, that is two Detroit Lion running backs to consider this week, but Swift was fantastic last week. He had 14 attempts for 116 yards and 2 touchdowns for a whopping 30.3 points. Swift is average 14.4 points per game in limited action. In his two away games this year, he was averaging 13.3 points per game, so his stats have not been inflated much by his outstanding performance in Week 6. At just $5,400 this week and a really nice matchup, you have to wonder if he’s worth a start.

Sleeper/Value: Giovani Bernard

If Joe Mixon doesn’t play, you have to consider former fantasy stud Giovani Bernard as a start coming in at just $4,500. The man is only averaging 6.3 fantasy points per game, but he got 15 attempts last week after Mixon with down with an injury and scored a touchdown. The Cleveland Browns are allowing 149 yards per game on the ground with 3.8 yards per carry and a whopping 8 rushing touchdowns given up. If Gio plays in place of Mixon, he might be a nice flex option for you.

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Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver is such a deep position every year, but this year is even more intense because of the revolving door of injuries. I’ll give you a few names that I consider deep finds this week.

Sleeper: Kenny Golladay

The Atlanta Falcons defense is awful. Say it again with me, the Atlanta Falcons defense is awful. Golladay is Matthew Stafford’s number one option in Detroit. At $6,700 his price isn’t super low, but he is averaging 17.1 fantasy points per game, just 4 points less than Deandre Hopkins. Stafford is going to throw a lot until they build a lead. Start Golladay.

Sleeper: Tyler Boyd

The Cincinnati Bengals rightfully are left out of most Fantasy Football conversations this year. The team is clearly rebuilding and is lacking big names with big numbers. We talk about the sensational rookie quarterback, but nobody else. Tyler Boyd, however, looks to be a consideration for a start this week at just $5,400 while averaging 15.1 points per game. That is a huge chunk of salary saved and he will be facing off against the terrible Cleveland Browns defense that has allowed 13 passing touchdowns this year on an average nearly 300 passing yards per game. The defense is allows an average of 5.5 yards per offensive snap. It is absurd. Consider Boyd.

Value: Cole Beasley

Cole Beasley is just $4,900 while going into a matchup against the New York Jets. They J-E-T-S STINK STINK STINK. Miami brutalized that offense last week giving up 3 first half passing touchdowns. Averaging 13.1 points per game, Beasley is likely a good play to rack up catches, yards and at least 1 touchdown this week.

My Lineup

QB Cam Newton $6,300 24.2ppg

RB D’Andre Swift $5,400 14.4ppg

RB Todd Gurley II $6,000 15.3ppg

WR Tyler Boyd $5,400 15.1ppg

WR Cole Beasley $4,900 13.1ppg

WR Calvin Ridley $7,300 22.2ppg

TE Tj Hockenson $5,000 11.3ppg

FLEX Deebo Samuel $5,000 9.9ppg

DST Buffalo Bills $4,700 3.3ppg

Projected Points 128.3

*All values and averages are per Draft Kings. Salary values and fantasy point scoring averages may be different on other services*

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