AEW Dynamite Recap: October 21, 2020

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite recap! My name is Dylan Tracy, and I will be taking you through the two hour episode of AEW’s weekly TNT show, Dynamite this week. I also have done a recap for WWE’s NXT, if you’re interested in that. Let’s get into it…

Last week was a great show, culminating in a celebration of one full year of Dynamite with Jon Moxley defending his AEW World Championship against Lance Archer. In a brutal and very similar match to their NJPW Wrestle Kingdom on 1/4/2020, they finished a show that featured every champion defending their belts – Hikaru Shida defended the AEW Women’s Championship against Big Swole, FTR defended the AEW Tag Team Championships against Best Friends, and Cody retained the TNT Championship against Orange Cassidy in a time-limit draw finish for the ages.

Previewed this week, however, is a 4-way Tag Team match to be the #1 contender for the titles at Full Gear, Dr. Britt Baker returns in action, the AEW World Championship eliminator tournament begins (an audible was called around an hour for the show to replace Joey Janela with Sonny Kiss – Janela had been exposed to a person who was COVID-19 positive at an independent show), and MJF and Chris Jericho in “Le Dinner Debonair.” Continuing their run of promos, MJF and Jericho will probably give us some very entertaining content while dragging out the story of MJF possibly-kinda-want to-sort-of-thinking ‘bout-could-would-should join the Inner Circle.

We start with the first round match for the AEW World Championship eliminator tournament – Jungle Boy and Wardlow starting the show. Wardlow doesn’t have MJF at ringside, but Jungle Boy has Luchasaurus and Marko come out with him. They start nicely, but it doesn’t pick up until they get outside. Jungle Boy dives into Wardlow’s arms and he picks up for a huge slam, but Jungle Boy slides out and gets a nice kick before going for a hurricanrana which Wardlow catches in a powerbomb that he throws into the ring pole. Wardlow takes over with big man strength at this point over the smaller Jungle Boy at this point, landing a nice gutwrench powerbomb. Jungle Boy did get some nice offense in, in particular a huge hurricanrana on Wardlow off the second rope. The repeated attempts of his hurricanrana made this feel like a true signature move of his, pushing his in-ring work further and further in steps. I felt like Wardlow was going to win this match, and when he landed two F-10’s – one flinging Jungle Boy into the ring – it was a cinch. Wardlow advances to face the winner of Colt Cabana and “Hangman” Adam Page.

After the Wardlow/Jungle Boy match, they plugged the ending promo of last week with Eddie Kingston with his guys in the ring around Jon Moxley, claiming Moxley sold out and didn’t take his boys with him back when. Announced for Full Gear on the air, Moxley demanded an I Quit Match against Kingston. Moxley has some words on Kingston, telling him after he makes him quit on November 7th, he’ll have “no one to blame but himself.” A decent promo for a story that screams “we aren’t moving the belt just yet.”

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Sonny Kiss comes out normally (replacing originally planned Joey Janela), but Kenny Omega gets a special entrance. With two girls dancing and sweeping with brooms as the oh-so-obvious reference to his Cleaner persona, Kenny came out with slightly reworked music and a different feel. Justin Roberts names off all of the great accomplishments of the Best Bout Machine throughout the reveal of all of this, even throwing in “he performed in North Carolina.” Coming in and getting a footing, Kenny immediately hits a V-Trigger and One Winged Angel on Kiss, 1-2-3.

Penta El Zero M vs. Fenix – It all starts with a Fenix chop then the ritual glove spot for Penta, then CHOP by Penta. Normal rope work by Fenix (read: top-class rope work), then huge superkick by Penta to reverse, close finish, massive dive spot by Fenix on Penta. Penta reversal on springboard. Great offense by Penta throughout first commercial break, leading into another chop spot on the corner, and leading to another corner, but slaps the post and a huge move by Fenix, leaving both men dead on the outside as the action is back on TNT. Massive counter by Penta and a close 2 count. So far, this is a match with palpable drama, and then Fenix hurricanranas Penta off the top rope – commentary selling it perfectly, featuring Eddie Kingston doing his job in pushing these two. Huge dirty drop on Fenix’s head by Penta leads to another close 2. Aubrey does a great job of checking on Fenix. Huge reversal by Fenix finally, massive superkick and yet another near fall. Full top rope Spanish Fly into ANOTHER NEAR FALL. Massive pop-up powerbomb – Fenix figuratively takes flight – another near fall. Penta tries to snap Fenix’s arm, and stands tall over him. Penta throws the legendary “CERO MIEDO” in Fenix’s face and lines up for a huge move, but Fenix spins all the way around him and then lands a nasty Destroyer on Penta for the ninety-fourth and final fall, 1-2-3. A phenomenal match. Fenix advances to face Omega in the semi-finals. Lot of history there…

We cut to Orange Cassidy, who is being interviewed about his time-limit draw with Cody and his next shot at him next week on Dynamite. He does his typical ignoring most of the questions asked and says very little, but when asked about his previous match, Orange says, “We’re on to Cincinnati.” Best line from him in a while. Best reference of the night. If I had points to give, Orange would have all of them for this one.

Best Friends and the Superbad Squad cut a quick, effective promo on the package of their history, including the Trent-into-the-arcade-machine spot, mentioning Miro and Kip Sabian have it wrong about them and Miro being angry about his stuff. After the break, Colt Cabana cuts a promo before his match with “Hangman,” but John Silver and Alex Reynolds are also with him, mentioning they are gonna win their match and become AEW Tag Team champs. John Silver really just needs more time in general on screen, he’s such a great piece of work every single time he’s featured.

Cabana and Page start it off slowly with some nicely paced chain wrestling finished with some nice striking. Evil Uno stands on the entrance ramp before the steps, looking on at Cabana. Page gets in a lot of offense, including a nice signature dive over the ropes on the outside and we cut to commercial. During the commercial, Page sets up Cabana for a powerbomb into the timekeeper’s table, but referee Bryce Remsberg stops him. Coming back from break, Page and Cabana have a lot of back and forth offense, giving us a complete picture of the lengths both men are willing to go to win, and Cabana even gets in his usual finish of the Superman cradle, but Page pushes out and nails Cabana with the Buckshot lariat, and Page advances to face Wardlow in the semi-finals. I expect Page vs. Omega in the finals, but Page is going to have a great match with Wardlow to possibly give us the split between MJF and Wardlow they’ve hinted at since day one.

Team Taz is on the ramp. “The most prestigious group in AEW” call out Will Hobbs and Darby Allin. Specifically, they call out Darby Allin for getting what he wants, and Ricky has been overshadowed, calling Darby a “half-face painted little bitch.” Cut to A Little Bit of the Bubbly, and a zoom out to Le Dinner Debonair. They each berate their waitress to order a rarer and rarer steak than the other. He mentions there will be a Town Hall meeting next week and he’s not even sure MJF should bother joining. They both bond over a moment of hating Orange Cassidy. And then magic occurs. Jericho and MJF do a full musical number. It is glorious. Words will always fail to describe this beauty.

And we come back to The Doctor. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. goes up to face KiLynn King. King is a gem AEW should sign, not entirely because of this match, but the general talent. Britt takes over on offense after a nice bit of chain wrestling won by King, and owns the rest of the match. Grabbing a glove from Reba/Rebel, she locks in her Lockjaw finisher and King taps. They promo next week’s show and Tay Conti vs. Abadon was announced, but that’s not all. The TNT championship match for Cody vs. Orange Cassidy has been made a Lumberjack match. Then a promo of Darby Allin getting his TNT title shot at Full Gear was aired, featuring none other than previously seen on his Twitter and Jackass member Steve-O. Steve-O cuts a decent bit on Darby being nuts, but then Darby gets his body bag and does the “Body Bag Roll In” on a tall quarter-pipe vert.

“Hi, I’m Darby Allin. Welcome to Jackass.”

The Butcher and Blade start to enter, thus starting the 4-way tag match for the shot at FTR (who are on commentary) for the titles at Full Gear. They explain that The Bunny is back through a Dark video. When we come back, The Young Bucks enter and Private Party and Silver/Reynolds are already in. Private Party and the Bucks go back and forth to start, and without making this a transcription, every team gets a nice spot of offense and selling to start before commercial break. As soon as commercial breaks, Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara break out in a brawl out of nowhere, even stopping the match for a moment so everyone can get an idea of what was going on.

As I said before, JOHN SILVER IS A GEM. He gets a huge barrage on offense and lands moves on every team in a matter of fifteen seconds. Bucks break up the close fall, and Private Party get a massive Silly String and other moves on Reynolds, but again Bucks break up the tag. Butcher and Blade nail a finisher, but Bucks break up the tag. And then Nick Jackson unleashes the best comeback in the world, and a Superkick Party goes wild. But after an amazing combination of team moves, Silver and Kassidy break up the pin. Roll-up by Kassidy on Matt, close call. Nick cuts off every opportunity for Kassidy to tag out. After a Meltzer Driver/Indy Taker/what ever you wanna call the flippy boom tease, Quen pulls down Nick, but Kassidy rolls up Matt like their match almost a year ago, but Matt rolls him over and gets the close 3. After the match, FTR and the Bucks stand tall, and a brawl finally breaks out between them; a rogue timekeeper gets in involved, leading to be revealed as Tully Blanchard. They attach a chair to one of the legs of Matt and crush it, pushing an injury narrative for the foreseeable future. Interesting to see FTR out-heel the Bucks here, since they’ve been pushing the Bucks so hard for being so rude to everyone.

And that was Dynamite, a pretty stellar show in terms of getting amped up for Full Gear. The first round of the eliminator tournament to see who faces the champ after Full Gear was an amazing start. None of those matches disappointed, even if Kenny Omega’s win lasted less than thirty seconds (not complaining, totally understand this was probably the best they could do regarding the circumstances). The Bucks getting another tag team championship opportunity felt nice, especially considering the story so far, but I was a bit disappointed in the build to it and the payoff of this. It felt like they were the same old Bucks from before when they were feuding with Lucha Bros. when AEW started. Favorite match of the night was definitely Penta and Fenix. I can’t say much bad about the show, it really started and finished at a total clip of good to great. I don’t feel the need to numerically represent or grade it, but it would be on the higher half of Dynamite episodes.

That ends the recap for AEW’s Dynamite. Lemme know what you thought of my recap or if you want to talk wrestling in general at @buffdrinklots on Twitter. Also, Andy is probably right…

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