LSU will ban Odell Beckham Jr. for Two Years due to NCAA violations

LSU will ban Odell Beckham Jr. for Two Years due to NCAA violations

The night of January 13th, 2020, was a great night for fans of the NCAA National Champions LSU Tigers, but not everything that happened that night was not great. Ross Dellenger & Pat Forde of SI reported. The news came out today that Louisianna State University made a self-imposed penalty because of the violations of NCAA rules that were have broken.

Current Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. got caught on camera handing out cash to both existing and now former LSU players. An LSU official at the time did not go on the record but did say the money was “fake” in a story from LSU Beat Reporter Brooks Kubena for The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge.

The University took action on Wednesday by banning Beckham from facilities for two years. LSU also volunteered to reduce their scholarships by eight, and they will also impose less recruiting time. LSU has previously worked with the NCAA for some violations. They reported Basketball and Football. LSU officials are hoping the NCAA is a little more lenient considering the school was taking the initiative

LSU could still be reprimanded by the NCAA to cover it up by lying about it and saying it was fake cash. The Cincinnati Bengals first overall pick Joe Burrows was on the Pardon My Take Podcast and claimed the money was real. He had this interview shortly after he played in the National Championship game.

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